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How Much Should DJs Charge For Events?

Updated: May 15, 2022

What determines the price a DJ would charge a client for their event?

Is there a set price or guideline amongst DJs? Why are some DJs expensive but some are 'affordable' or just within your reach? As the client, are you getting the best quote for your event (especially if you planning to host a Nigerian traditional and white wedding on the same day)? Should you dare to haggle the price or quote given to you by the DJ? There are so many questions around this topic (sometimes referred to as a 'price war' within #DJ forums, facebook groups or discussion boards) and there is no end to it. Now before I lead you down the rabbit hole I would reveal a little secret to you, "it is not as it seems at the end of the rabbit hole".

So how much should you charge a client as a DJ?

Before we proceed, please be aware everything within this blog is my personal opinion as a DJ and does not represent anyone outside 'DJ Blink-Blink' as a business. So now that we have that out of the way, let us crack on.

When it comes to prices or quotes for any event, first thing you should be aware of is 'no two events are the same'. Second fact to be aware of is 'each client has a specific requirement that you must tailor to their event'. Third and final fact to consider is 'the services you would provide on the day has a massive effect on the #price you would quote for the client. When you factor in every part of this jigsaw you can see how every bit has an exponential effect on the final quote to be offered to a client.

Now let's take a deep look into the different type of events you could be booked for. Events can vary from #weddings (Nigerian weddings, Congolese weddings, English weddings etc), #birthdays, corporate events, end of the year parties, barbecues or even house parties. Your requirements for each event would be different and when you factor in the number of guests expected and the hours you would be required to provide your services for on the day (which could be for as little as 2 hours or even up to 10 hours), you could be looking at quoting a fee between £150 and up to £1200 based on their requirements on the day. Now remember a client's requirement could be a simple DJ equipment setup or they could require a bigger setup which could include a LED #dancefloor, subwoofers, disco lights, love letters and much more. Take a look at the pictures below to have an idea of what I am referring to.

To answer this question in simple terms "as a DJ you should quote what your time is worth to you and as a client you should pay what you feel the service you are requesting is worth to you".

So what has been your past experience as a DJ or client? Leave a comment below so we can learn from your past experiences.

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1 Comment

Dec 04, 2020

I just can't get enough of DJBlinkBlink 😊👏. A very good and honest read. Love it. Keep being the best DJ.


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