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60th Nigerian Birthday at Hilton Hotel Watford - Nigerian Wedding DJ London

Woah waoh woah!! or should I scream WAWU like a typical Nigerian? Mrs Christine @ 60 was celebrated in style with her friends and family all over the world. We had some dignitaries from Nigeria, USA and even London on site to make her day glamorous.

Walking into the venue, you would almost think you were attending a Nigerian wedding with how my pro-intelligent lights were SCATTERING their beams all around the hall (click video below for a sneak preview)

MC for the day was MC Larry J (you know the Nigerian comedian that cries when making skits on Instagram? Yes I worked with him last weekend and it was brilliant!) - Click vidoe below again for another "short preview" :)

This Nigerian 60th birthday hosted by MC Larry J and DJ Blink-Blink (Nigerian Wedding DJ London) is how you want your Nigerian wedding, African Wedding, Nigerian birthday or event to be. Fun, exciting, professional team every step of the way, engaging vendors and of course a PACKED dance floor (link would be added in future to this blog).

Well, that's all folks. Till I post another blog again (only God knows when)....Happy Nigerian 60th birthday to a grandmother, mother, wife and sister - Mrs Christine

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